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Pete Cadmus

Aquatic Toxicology Research Scientist at Colorado Parks and Wildlife - Aquatic Toxicology Lab., Colorado Parks and Wildlife - Aquatic Research Section
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife - Aquatic Research Section
  • United States of America

About Pete Cadmus

I direct Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. Our facility conducts novel ecological and laboratory experiments examining the effects of pollution on aquatic life. We collaborate with state and federal agencies and host graduate student research that compliments our concern for improving state policy to protect fisheries and aquatic ecosystem function. Our laboratory hosts the analytical arm of Colorado Riverwatch, a citizen scientist network that monitors surface waters across the state. My research has focused primarily on the direct (toxicity) and indirect (ecological) effects of toxicants on fish and aquatic insect communities. Our lab is hoping to host collaborators that can help expand our organic (insecticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, aggro-chemicals) research or scientists interested in periphyton, microbial and meiofaunal health in Colorado streams and reservoirs. I am looking for collaboration opportunities that will expand my skill set: -marine ecology or marine ecotoxicology. -international collaborations surrounding ecotoxicology, ecology or climate change. (especially those in Spanish speaking countries) -interdisciplinary collaborations to increase the presence of ecology and ecotoxicoloy in medical and epidemiology (one health) studies - environmental manipulation or field mesocosm studies that involve creating tinkering - any biomonitoring or research that incorporates that lets me combine my extensive experience sailing(maritime), scuba diving, climbing, canyoneering, backpacking or rafting. I am trying to rack up hours on larger vessels for my next captains licenses and I live in Colorado so any opportunity on a boat will be appreciated.