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About Qing Tang

I am mostly interested in understanding the Earth and life co-evolution in the Proterozoic and Cambrian. Specifically, I study organic-walled microfossils (including acritarchs) and Carbonaceous compression macrofossils to understand the biodiversity, biostratigraphy, and evolutionary pattern of early eukaryotes in the Proterozoic; I also work on Cambrian sponges and other animals and algae that are usually preserved in Burgess-shale type preservation, trying to understand their taphonomy and evolutionary significance towards a better understanding of the Cambrian explosion. In addition, I work closely with my collaborators on paleoenvironmental reconstruction and geochronological dating of the Proterozoic and Cambrian fossiliferous successions, using stable isotopes, iron speciation, detrital zircon dating, and more. Our final goal is to have a comprehensive understanding of Earth and life systems in the Proterozoic and Cambrian.


Biodiversity Stable isotope analysis Evolutionary developmental biology Palaeontology


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