A more fundamental theorem of natural selection?

Fisher Memorial lecture 2018 by Joe Felsenstein

Apr 05, 2018

One of the highlights of The 51st Population Genetics Group meeting in Bristol this January was Prof. Joe Felsenstein's Fisher Memorial Lecture on "Is there a more fundamental theorem of natural selection?". This was posted on Youtube last week, and is a must-watch for anyone interested in evolutionary "grand theory".

Richard Buggs

Professor, Queen Mary University of London


Joachim over 1 year ago

Is alpha simply the portion of solar energy that hits the biosphere (or species) or is it that part of the solar energy reaching it that the biosphere manages to assimilate? Also, is alpha assumed to be constant or variable?

Joachim over 1 year ago

Also, is Lambda only the loss as heat of energy that has previously been assimilated by the biosphere or that loss plus the part of solar energy that is transformed into heat directly aftr having hit the the biosphere?